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Workshop Dates

Elementary & Middle School Teachers
May 1-2, 2003

High School Teachers
April 25-27, 2003

High School / Community College / College / University Faculty

Organic Chemistry
June 23-25, 2003

General Chemistry & Advanced General
June 30 -July 2, 2003

Inorganic & Industrial & General
August 11-13, 2002

For more information on any of our workshops, please contact us.

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Microscale Publications

Organic Chemistry

  • Microscale Organic Laborator by Mayol, Pike and Trumper, Wiley, 3/E
  • Oragnic Laboratory Microscale and Macroscale Experiments, by Landgrebe, Brooks/Cole, 4/E
  • Oragnic Chemistry Experiments Microscale and Semi Microscale by Campbell and Ali, Brooks/Cole-ITP
  • Macroscale and Microscale Organic Experiments by Williamson, DC Heath, 2/E
  • Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques, A Microscale Approach by Pavia, Lampman, Kriz and Engel, Saunders
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory: Standard and Microscale Experiments by Rodig, Bell and Claks, Saunders
  • Experiments in Organic Chemistry, From Microscale to Macroscale by Nimitz, Prentice Hall
  • Experimental Organic Chemistry: A Mini-Scale Approact by Roberts, Gilbert, Martin, Saunders
  • Experimental Organic Chemistry: A Small Scale Approact, Prentice Hall, 2/E

Inorganic Cemistry

  • Microscale Inorganic Laboratory, Szafran, Pike and Singh, Wiley

General Chemistry

  • Microscale General Chemistry Laboratory with Selected Macoscale Experiments, Szafran, Pike and Faster, Wiley
  • Microscale and Selected Macroscale Experiments for General and Advanced General Chemistry: An Innovative Approach by Singh, Pike and Szafran, Wiley
  • Microscale Laboratory Manual for General Cehmistry by Mills and Hampton, McGraw-Hill
  • Chemtrek: Small-Scale Experiments for General Chemistry by Thompson, Allyn and Bacon

High School

  • Microchemistry by Tim Russo
  • Doing Chemistry videodisk series from the ACS Education Division
  • SmallScale CD-ROM (Mac format only) from Synaps
  • Microscale and Macroscale Chemistry for High School, Szafran Singh and Pike, Kendall-Hunt
  • Microscale Chemistry by Ehrenkranz and Mauch, Kendall-Hunt


  • Safety Considerations in Microscale Chemistry Laboratories, ed. by Ruth Hathaway, ACS Symposium Book, Div. of Chem Health and Safety, ACS.
  • Microscale Techniques for the Organic Laboratory by Mayo, Pike, Butcher and Trumper, Wiley
  • Laboratory Manual for Principles of General Chemistry, J.A. Beran, John Wiley
  • Chemistry in Context Lab Manual edited by Silberman, WC Brown

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NMCC Workshops for the year 2003

The following workshops are being offered by the National Microscale Chemistry Center, located at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts. The workshops include all free materials (including a textbook), free housing and all meals during the workshop period. There is a small registration fee, as indicated below.

These award-winning workshops offer hands-on training for science teachers and faculty in microscale laboratory practices, and have received excellent reviews from participants. Early registration is advisable, as the workshops are often filled well in advance and a cut in our external source of funding has limited the number of workshops being offered. Because of lack of funding, NMCC will not offer any more workshops in the future.


No Science background is assumed. Dates: May 1-2, 2003. The workshop runs from 8:30 AM on Thursday until 2:00 PM Friday. The registration fee is $100.00

FOR HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS (Including A/P Chemistry)

Dates: April 25-27, 2003. The workshop runs from 5:45 PM on Friday until 2:00 PM Sunday. The registration fee is $150.00. This date may change by one week


June 23-25, 2003 - Organic Chemistry
June 30 -July 2, 2003 - GeneralChemistry/Advanced General
The workshops run 8:30 AM Monday until 2:00 PM Wednesday. The registration fee is $200. Free housing is available for the Sunday preceding the workshop.

For detailed information, please contact:
Dr. Mono M. Singh
Director, NMCC, National Microscale Chemistry Center
315 Turnpike St.
North Andover MA 01845.
Tel: 1-978-837-5137 | Fax: 1-978-837-5017
email: monomohan.singh@merrimack.edu

If you want to sign up for any of these workshops, please contact Dr. Singh or send him an email. Thanks.

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Microscale in the Comics

Microscale chemistry was chosen as a lead story base for one of the Archie Comic publications. Here are a few interesting images that were published featuring Merrimack College, the National Microscale Chemistry Center and its three directors.

"No signs of any chemical explosions here! Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe it does work!"

"Professor Pike, this is Principal Weatherbee and Mr. Flutesnoot!" "We're here to see your Microscale set-up." "My colleagues, Professors Szafran and Singh have also helped in its development!"

"The equipment cuts down on the amount of chemicals needed for an experiment by a factor of 200 to 2,000!" "Incredible!"

"It's our friend Mr. Weatherbee! He wants to know if we can design a tiny microscale oven for one of his students!"

This last picture from the comic also appeared in many of the newspapers around the region. Professors (L-R) Ronald M. Pike, Zvi Szafran and Mono M. Singh

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